Palm trees can be 1'  to 3' tall

18" wide         $30.00

Dogwood branch

18" x 32"        $125.00

12"  wide          $30.00

10" tall    $35.00

32 " wide      $200.00

18" wide        $30.00

The Drews are a husband and wife team who make their home on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. They started Copper Creations in 1997 and travel to about 40 shows a year along the east coast. Don was a tin binder in the Marine Corp and learned about metal there.  Donna learned while growing up around her fathers metal fabricating shop. Together they take sheets of shiny copper and turn it into works of whimsy.  

 Nothing is stamped out of a mold. Every thing at Copper Creations is hand crafted. They love to have visitors at their shop and meet new friends at shows.